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Contact Dr. Robles about the current availability of undergraduate research assistant positions for credit.

Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Robles will be taking students who share similar research interests for the 2017 – 2018 academic year. Our current research includes:

  • The impact of family life on physiology and health in children
  • Close relationships, physiology, and health across the lifespan (dating couples, families, older adults)
  • Social support processes and health

Potential students should have interests in clinical, social, or health psychology. Note that Dr. Robles has a secondary appointment in the Clinical area, and cannot admit students as a primary advisor through the Clinical area. Students who are interested in working with Dr. Robles and who are interested in being admitted through the Clinical area should review the research interests of faculty with primary appointments in Clinical (examples include Rena Repetti, Annette Stanton, and Tom Bradbury) with an eye towards one of those faculty as the primary mentor. We invite you to take a look at the following websites and contact Dr. Robles: UCLA PsychologyUCLA Health Psychology.