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The Relationships and Health Lab is now powered by WordPress. In addition to a cleaner interface, quicker loading, and synergy with the UCLA Brand identity, it’s so much easier to edit!!

There are still some updates coming, particularly to student bios, but enjoy the site!

Papers published this year

Current and former lab members have published several papers this year:

Greater positive expectations regarding aging are related to more new friends in the Baltimore ExperienceCorps study. PubMed

From the Families and Health study, papers demonstrating:

  • Children with greater negative emotional “reactivity” to marital conflict show shorter leukocyte telomere length. PubMed
  • Whether and how intensive repeated measures lead to measurement reactivity and fatigue. PubMed
  • Whether changes in parent-child conflict over time are related to changes in daily HPA axis functioning. PubMed
  • The process of spillover from work to home, and potential affective mecahnisms. PubMed